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Weighing the Benefits of a Cell Tower Land Lease: Pros & Cons for Property Owners to Consider

Telecommunications companies, like AT&T and Verison, need places to build cell towers. If you have a bit of land in a rural area of the United States, a telecommunications company may lease it for a cell tower.

A cell tower land lease has many benefits and some drawbacks, all of which depend on the land your own and your priorities.

This article is a guide to weighing the benefits of a cell tower land lease. Get ready to decide whether or not leasing your land for a cell tower is the right choice for you.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Cell Tower Land Lease

The worldwide number of people using smartphones is going to top 3 billion by the year 2021. Every year, more people need access to cellular data and suppliers must meet the growing demand.

There is only so much vacant land for sale, so cellular data companies lease private properties to build cell towers.

Data coverage in rural America is lacking, compared to the difference in urban area’s. This is why rural America is one of the largest growing markets for cell tower leasing.

Rural landowners stand to benefit from companies that want to build a cell tower.

Benefits of a Cell Tower Lease

The extent to which a cell tower land lease benefits you depends on your land and the tower. For the right location, a cell tower can make you some money without disrupting your life.

The beneficial features of a cell tower lease include:

Variable Size

Cellular data transmitters come in a range of sizes. Some cell towers are the big kind that you need a harness to climb.

Others are as small as a satellite dish that sits on your roof. The size of the transmitter being put on your property factors into the cell tower lease rates.

Extra Income

The only reason anyone would agree to have a cell tower built on their property is that they get something in return. As the landlord of the property on which the tower sits, you ensure rent from the company.

A cell tower land lease is a source of additional income from your land.

Great Signal

The cell tower is on your property, so you better believe your signal is great. In addition, you can negotiate for extra bonuses, like installing smart home products and unlimited high-speed access.

Drawbacks of a Cell Tower Lease

The most widespread protest against cell tower land leasing is health concerns. The American Cancer Society draws no connection between proximity to cell towers and cancer.

No organization provides proof of a direct link between cellular data transmitters and negative health repercussions.

It might look bad. It’s really up to you as to how valuable the view is. Depending on the spot where it ends up and the size of your property, you may not even see it.

Still, the aesthetic of your home life is as important to your health and happiness as anything. So consider its effect on the surrounding scenery.

Or, negotiate for a higher rent because of the visual obstruction.

Final Thoughts

Besides unvalidated health concerns and visual obstruction, you have every reason to benefit from a cell tower land lease. Like any tenant, some companies are easier to deal with than others.

But if you have some land to spare, there are some great reasons to lease it for a cell tower. Contact us today for more information about getting paid extra to lease your land for a cell tower.

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