Tax Consequences of a Cell Tower Lease

Be wary of tower company agents that try to pass themselves off as tax experts. Expect to see advice dispensed despite disclaimers that they can not provide tax advice. Some cell tower companies may advise that their particular offer with Cell tower lease rates qualifies to be treated as capital gains as opposed to regular […]


Types of Tower Leases

A land owner can be approached by an agent for a cellular provider for either of two types of telecommunications tower leases. The benefits and fair market values for each vary for different reasons. Below, we weigh the pros and cons rooftop leases and ground leases. Rooftop Leases Rooftop leases can be offered for a […]


Negotiating cell tower contracts

This is a continuation of a previous post explaining common components of a cell tower lease. If you have not already done so, we advise returning to the earlier post before reading this explanation on lease buyouts. Negotiating cell tower contracts is all we do! Land owners are often approached by a telecommunications agent looking […]

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Capital Telecom To build a new tower

The town council of Clarkdale Arizona has approved a conditional-use permit for Capital Telecom to build a new tower.  The permit will allow Capital Telecom to construct a new 65 foot tower near Foothills Terrrace Subdivision. The council met with backlash from residents over the approval of the conditional-use permit.  It was explained to residents […]


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