Tax Consequences of a Cell Tower Lease

Be wary of tower company agents that try to pass themselves off as tax experts. Expect to see advice dispensed despite disclaimers that they can not provide tax advice. Some cell tower companies may advise that their particular offer with Cell tower lease rates qualifies to be treated as capital gains as opposed to regular […]


AT&T Contacted You About a Lease

What should you do if AT&T contacted you about a lease? An owner of a cell tower or property under review for cell tower construction is likely to be optimistic about being contacted by a major carrier. If you have been contacted by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint, you can expect each company to operate differently […]


AT&T Leasing in Mexico

Telesites is currently ironing out a deal to lease towers to AT&T in Mexico. If completed, this deal would open up AT&T to the roughly 11,000 towers Telesites owns in the county. AT&T leasing in Mexico increased in early 2015 and the company has been acquiring tower leases at a rapid pace.  Their goal is expand […]


Verizon cell tower lease agreements & rates in 2018

Verizon contacted you about a lease for what may be a variety of reasons.  They may be interested in leasing your property for new construction or installation on a rooftop. If you have existing equipment, they may want to add new utilities or equipment to your structure. Perhaps they are looking for your approval on […]


AT&T and T-Mobile Draw Lines in the Desert

AT&T and T-Mobile draw lines  in the desert through the FCC. AT&T is currently waiting on approval from the FCC regarding its plans to acquire the assets and spectrum of Plateau Wireless.  T-Mobile currently has  roaming agreement with Plateau Wireless and has requested that the FCC ensure that agreement be honored by AT&T in the […]


Capital Telecom To build a new tower

The town council of Clarkdale Arizona has approved a conditional-use permit for Capital Telecom to build a new tower.  The permit will allow Capital Telecom to construct a new 65 foot tower near Foothills Terrrace Subdivision. The council met with backlash from residents over the approval of the conditional-use permit.  It was explained to residents […]


On ROFR Clauses

Cellular sites can provide stable long term income for site owners and lease holders. That income can vary greatly depending on how the cell tower lease agreement is created. Wireless companies aren’t going to structure contracts in the owner’s benefit out of good nature. It is up to the owner to structure the contract to […]


Major Carriers Offered Aid

Recently, major carriers offered aid to earthquake victims in Nepal. Before the Earthquake in Nepal, the country saw as much as 90% of its population in coverage. With damaged cell towers only able to provide sporadic coverage, Nepalese people were left with a new challenge of simply letting their loved ones know they were safe.  […]


Selling a Cell Tower Lease: Separately or with the Property?

Are you one of the many land owners that leased part of their properties to telecommunication companies, for erecting and maintaining cell towers? Leasing land for such a purpose might prove a good deal, bringing you significant revenues, but the time may come for you to sell the lease rights with or without the actual […]


Are Cell Phone Towers Shared or Carriers Have Their Own Towers?

You may have noticed that while only one mobile carrier has cell towers in your region, many other networks have very good coverage. There are two explanations behind this situation: roaming or shared towers. Roaming involves the extension of the connectivity service, of your ability to make and receive calls outside your carrier’s network. It […]


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