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Cell Tower Lease Rates 2018 & Expert Advice To Better Negotiate

With over 12 years experience, specializes in providing consulting services to private as well as public owners of land, cell sites, or ongoing leases. Count on the top tower consultants in USA.

If you are already being contacted because you own a lease or a cell site and either the tower company or the wireless carrier may be wanting to either extend or change your lease due to changes in the industry that you would never have knowledge of. Contact David Espinosa, a seasoned proin the business and find out if your getting everything you deserve from your current agreements . David is the industry leader in cell phone tower leasing advice services.

Get the Best Rates with David Espinosa

David Espinosa, a cell tower expert, is now offering free 30-minute consultations to residential and commercial landowners across the United States in 2018. Now landowners can maximize the revenue on their lease and make sure they’re getting a fair deal.

David Espinosa is the owner of Tower Leases and has over 12 years experience in providing consulting services to owners of land, cell sites or ongoing leases.  Espinosa is one of the leading cell tower experts in the industry, having negotiated thousands of deals over the past decade.David Espinosa is the owner of Tower Leases and has over 12 years experience in providing consulting services to owners of land, cell sites or ongoing leases.  Espinosa is one of the leading cell tower experts in the industry, having negotiated thousands of deals over the past decade.

So how does it work?   Cell tower companies make contracts that are one sided, so the only true way for landowners to get the most out of their negotiations is by counting on a professional cell phone tower expert.   This free consultation represents a zero risk opportunity for clients to negotiate higher buyouts or increased monthly payments.

David Espinosa stresses that each deal needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, based upon factors such as location, competitors and zoning, as well as simply finding higher paying companies. He is uniquely positioned to offer clear and dependable advice.
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Land Owners Speak To A Qualified Cell Tower Lease Consultant

Lets Talk ! If you are ever approached by a tower lease or wireless company you will probably have no idea where to start on how to value your asset. The dynamics involved are numerous and things like rent, lease termination and different technology can all affect how much you can get for your site. How do you negotiate rates in 2018? This is where our cell phone tower lease consultants & negotiation services come into play.

Check Our FAQ

Please take the time to check out our FAQ page as is packed full of common questions that many leaseholders or potential tower lease owners may need to know.

What You Need to Know

Rather than buying land all over the place, most wireless phone service providers simply lease space from property owners to build their towers. This could be a small section on the roof of a building or little piece of land.

The reality is, wireless carriers need a place to put their towers, and it makes more sense for them to rent a little piece of real estate rather than buy them.

Is A Buyout Even A Good Idea?

A buyout pays you money upfront based on the expected value of the tower to the cell carrier.

Since a buyout is primarily speculative, there are–of course–risks.

One potential risk is that your buyout will be low, and the tower will be of higher value to the cell carrier than the buyout amount. That means more money in the cell carrier’s pocket and less in yours.

Another risk is that the cell tower will be turn out to be a bust. While you’ll still get paid in this scenario, you may end up with a useless cell tower on your property doing nothing but devaluing your land.

So before you jump into a lease, consider all the angles and all your options.

So You’ve Got an Offer…

If you’ve already been approached with an offer by a wireless carrier, your best bet is to begin by considering it in light of the value considerations we went over above.

You may also want to think about soliciting other offers if you haven’t already received more than one.

If you already have a lease, you may occasionally receive offers from other private leasing companies. These offers may work out for you. But just remember, these companies are looking to capitalize on the cash flow of the cell service passing through your tower.

Should I Sign A Long Term Contract?

The short answer is, no.

When negotiating a contract, it’s best to err on the side of a shorter term contract.

Like many markets, the rates for cell towers are subject to fluctuation. So if the market moves up, you’ll be stuck with a lower rate.

Agreements can last up to 5 years, but may be as short as 1 year.

Just remember, any time a lease is up for renewal is another chance for you to renegotiate your rates.


Whether you already have a lease on your property, have an offer, or are just exploring your options, you have to understand the market and the process.

Before you commit to a contract, make sure you know what you’re getting into. If you have a buyout offer, it’s a good sign your tower is worth something–so make sure you truly understand the value.

If you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your cell tower lease or buyout, get in touch with us today.

Beware Current Lease Owners

Whether you may be involved in a potential buyout, sub-lease or extension - be careful as I am sure you are already suspicious of people calling you about trying to buyout or extend your lease. There is a reason for that - and you know this is a business. There are many options and obstacles that need to be assessed to make sure you are making the appropriate decision regarding these transactions as you could be losing many thousands per month, by not having someone with extensive knowledge of the industry look over your situation, through our cell phone tower lease management services.

What are my Lease and Buyout Options?

If you’re already leasing out a portion of your land for a cell tower, hopefully, you know what you got yourself into.

Unfortunately, many cell tower lessors do not fully understand what they’ve signed up for.

With over 200,000 cell towers spread across the US, it’s easy to see how a few contract details can get lost in the mix.

With the increased use of smartphones and other wireless devices, cell towers are popping up all over the place and many property owners are really cashing in.

But being uninformed about the contract you’ve signed is not a situation you want to find yourself in. You may even find that you’d like to find a better lease arrangement or get out of the contract altogether.

Keep reading for a closer look at what makes up a lease or buyout and some of your options for a lease.

What Is A Cell Tower Lease Buyout?

Lease buyouts–usually referred to as lease prepayments–are just a one-time payment made to the property owner, establishing the arrangement.

It does not mean that the wireless carrier owns the property or has the same rights as the owner to the property.

The lease contract spells out the rights granted to the wireless carrier and the rights retained by the property owner. Just like any other real estate transaction, all the details (for everyone’s protection) should be clearly laid out in the contract.

Get The Best Price For Your Cell Tower Lease

If you’re thinking of cutting a deal and leasing part of your property for a cell tower, you’ve got to make sure you get the best price.

But how do you know you’re getting the best deal?

Speculation is never easy, but there are a few factors you can consider to make sure you get the best cell tower lease buyout:

  1. The value of your property
  2. The location of the proposed tower
  3. The current market value of cell tower buyouts

All of these factors play an important role the value of any buyout offer and you’ll want to consider them as you weigh any offers you receive.

Understanding the true value of a lease is very difficult though. This is one situation where getting in touch with a professional who understands the market and lease values could really pay off in the long run.

Understanding Your Contract

Wireless providers add new cell towers to improve their cell service coverage and ultimately make more money.

So it’s understandable that one of the primary components of any agreement between you and a wireless provider will involve the ability to collect rents on the tower.

Another important part of your contract will be the access rights to the tower. The wireless caller will need access to the tower, so any lease agreement will involve an easement and access rights.

It’s also a good idea to understand the local laws and codes that govern cell towers before signing any kind of an agreement.

Make sure you understand your rights before entering into a lease agreement.

“ When Crown Castle wanted to modify my lease agreement for my cell tower, I contacted David and he helped me renegotiate my lease agreement while at the same time getting more money from my lease agreement! ”

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