14 August 2015

Types of Tower Leases

14 August 2015,

A land owner can be approached by an agent for a cellular provider for either of two types of telecommunications tower leases. The benefits […]

27 May 2015

Capital Telecom To build a new tower

27 May 2015,

The town council of Clarkdale Arizona has approved a conditional-use permit for Capital Telecom to build a new tower.  The permit will allow Capital […]

23 November 2013

Selling Land while Maintaining Cell Tower Lease

23 November 2013,

Many homeowners lease part of their properties to telecommunications companies, for building and maintaining cell sites. But, what happens if you are in this […]

16 October 2013

The Benefits of Hiring a Cell Tower Lease Attorney – Comprehensive Legal Assistance and Support

16 October 2013,

Renting your property to a cell tower company is an excellent way of generating income, and the easiest way to obtain the best conditions […]

23 April 2013

Cell Phone Tower Leases For Surplus Cash

23 April 2013,

With the current state of the economy, many of us are looking for new ways to make some supplementary cash. We’ve read about how […]