23 August 2015

Tax Consequences of a Cell Tower Lease

23 August 2015,

Be wary of tower company agents that try to pass themselves off as tax experts. Expect to see advice dispensed despite disclaimers that they […]

6 July 2015

AT&T Contacted You About a Lease

6 July 2015,

What should you do if AT&T contacted you about a lease? An owner of a cell tower or property under review for cell tower […]

18 June 2015

AT&T Leasing in Mexico

18 June 2015,

Telesites is currently ironing out a deal to lease towers to AT&T in Mexico. If completed, this deal would open up AT&T to the roughly […]

15 June 2015

Verizon contacted you about a lease

15 June 2015,

Verizon contacted you about a lease for what may be a variety of reasons.  They may be interested in leasing your property for new […]

27 May 2015

AT&T and T-Mobile Draw Lines in the Desert

27 May 2015,

AT&T and T-Mobile draw lines  in the desert through the FCC. AT&T is currently waiting on approval from the FCC regarding its plans to […]