14 August 2015

Types of Tower Leases

14 August 2015,

A land owner can be approached by an agent for a cellular provider for either of two types of telecommunications tower leases. The benefits […]

11 August 2015

Components of a Cell Tower Lease

11 August 2015,

A number of components of a cell tower lease. The quality of attributes related to a potential lease will determine the possible value of a […]

9 June 2015

Perpetual Communications Easement

9 June 2015,

A Perpetual Communications Easement gives a tenant the right to use your land for a specific purpose for an indefinite period of time. The easement […]

2 June 2015

Developing a New Cell Tower

2 June 2015,

We receive frequent requests from individuals inquiring about developing a new cell tower on their property.  When construction can be completed for as little […]

27 May 2015

AT&T and T-Mobile Draw Lines in the Desert

27 May 2015,

AT&T and T-Mobile draw lines  in the desert through the FCC. AT&T is currently waiting on approval from the FCC regarding its plans to […]