When Crown Castle wanted to modify my lease agreement for my cell tower, I contacted David and he helped me renegotiate my lease agreement while at the same time getting more money from my lease agreement!

Shannon from Atlanta

Cell Tower Lease Rates & Expert Advice To Better Negotiate.

With over 12 years experience, Tower Leases.com specializes in providing consulting services to private as well as public owners of land , cell sites, or ongoing leases..Count on the top cell tower lease consultants in USA

If you are already being contacted because you own a lease or a cell site and either the tower company or the wireless carrier may be wanting to either extend or change your lease due to changes in the industry that you would never have knowledge of. Contact David Espinosa a seasoned pro cell tower lease expert in the business and find out if your getting everything you deserve from your current cell tower lease agreements . David is the industry leader in cell phone tower leasing advice services.

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Lets Talk ! If you are ever approached by a tower lease or wireless company you will probably have no idea where to start on how to value your asset. The dynamics involved are numerous and things like rent, lease termination and different technology can all affect how much you can get for your site. How do you negotiate cell tower lease rates? This is where our cell phone tower lease negotiations services come into play.

Whether you may be involved in a potential cell tower lease buyout, sub-lease or extension - be careful as I am sure you are already suspicious of people calling you about trying to buyout or extend your lease. There is a reason for that - and you know this is a business. There are many options and obstacles that need to be assessed to make sure you are making the appropriate decision regarding these transactions as you could be losing many thousands per month, by not having someone with extensive knowledge of the industry look over your situation, through our cell phone tower lease management services.
Please take the time to check out our FAQ page as is is packed full of common questions that many lease holders or potential tower lease owners may need to know.